Six Pack of Precious Waters Nano Silver, a good size order to keep daily intake going. As well as enough to start treatment on major illness

6 pack of Precious Waters

$ 212.00

Medicinal use of silver, even before the existence of disease causing organisms was scientifically understood, was in vogue long before modern times.  The nobility and the rich in general lived longer and healthy lives than peasants for many reasons but in part it was likely furthered because silver utensils and vessels were very much a part of their everyday lives.  Many old adages such as ‘Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth’ and the tradition of giving a new born a silver spoon are likely descendant practices woven into our history because of generation after generation of observed common wisdom regarding silver.  In the 1800s up until the early 1950s colloidal silver compounds and other forms of silver were used regularly because of silver’s natural antimicrobial powers.  Silver based compounds, particularly topical antiseptics, probably reached their peak in use and availability in the 1940s.  While silver in various forms has continued to be used in homeopathic practices and by individuals, widespread acceptance/prescription or even understanding and interest by today’s medical professionals is limited in part due to the complexity, expense, and regulatory environment of the industry.


Product Description

Precious Waters Nano Silver Helped Our Founder Fight Cancer Naturally*

Scientifically, medically, and personally proven effective

      – “Over the counter” dietary supplement – non-pharmaceuticalFight Cancer Naturally Nano Silver

      – Non-toxic even at dosages of 50x the recommended amount

      – Broad spectrum anti-microbial immune support

        >   Anti-bacterial

        >   Anti-viral

        >   Kills & inhibits yeast growth

        >   Anti-inflammatory

      – Safe and cost-effective supplement to traditional therapies

      – Optimum embodiment of Silver’s historical benefits

      – Effective on external (topical) as well as internal afflictions

      – Long shelf life (10 yr) – perfect for emergency preparations

                 Six (6) – 8 oz Bottles of Precious Waters:     



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