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20 Pack of Precious Waters

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In addition to tests on consistency of particle size, important to potency and bio-availability to your body’s cells, several tests by major labs have proven the effectiveness and safety of Precious Waters’ solution.  As recently as April, 2014 Northeast Laboratories, Inc. (Berlin, CT) tested the 10ppm nano-silver solution the manufacturer against MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and VRE ( Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci).  The 10ppm solution in both cases had reduced the original organism populations by more than 99.8% in 3 minutes and essentially eliminated (99.9%) the test organisms in 10 minutes.  A Brigham Young report on silver noted that “tests done by other certified laboratories have demonstrated that the silver solution also kills Anthrax in the spore state, SARS, MSRA, West Nile Virus, Yserinia pestis (the organism that causes Bubonic Plague) and many other pathogenic organisms.”


It is believed that the silver in Precious Waters supports the immune system by being introduced to the body essentially in nonionic form and then is converted by the body.  Dilution in the body and the concentration and treatment in the G.I. tract converts the silver to a true ionic form, which acts as the effective microbiocide.  Because the ionic silver is not present when the product is added to the body but becomes available after introduction to the stomach, silver chloride and other unwanted salts do not precipitate locally.

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Product Description

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Scientifically, medically, and personally proven effectivebottleqty20__

      – “Over the counter” dietary supplement – non-pharmaceutical

      – Non-toxic even at dosages of 50x the recommended amount

      – Broad spectrum anti-microbial immune support

        >   Anti-bacterial

        >   Anti-viral

        >   Kills & inhibits yeast growth

        >   Anti-inflammatory

      – Safe and cost-effective supplement to traditional therapies

      – Optimum embodiment of Silver’s historical benefits

      – Effective on external (topical) as well as internal afflictions

      – Long shelf life (10 yr) – perfect for emergency preparations

                    Twenty (20) – 8 oz Bottles of Precious Waters:             



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