Nano Silver Precious Waters Eradicates many of the bacteria, viruses

What is Precious Waters?

Alternative to Chemotherapy


Precious Waters is a  name for the nano-silver dietary supplement, a suspension of nano-scale silver particles in a pure hydro solution manufactured in the United States under the highest quality standards.   Lab tests and personal experience have shown that silver not only inhibits growth of but also eradicates many of the bacteria, viruses and other unwanted invading organisms which are believed to be at the root of many human afflictions.

The Bactericidal Effect of Silver Nanoparticles Abstract“Nanotechnology is expected to open new avenues to fight and prevent disease using atomic scale tailoring of materials.   Among the most promising nanomaterials with antibacterial properties are metallic nanoparticles, which exhibit increased chemical activity due to their large surface to volume ratios and crystallographic surface structure…[which] has promoted …research in the well known activity of silver ions and silver-based compounds… Our research indicate that the bactericidal properties of the nanoparticles are size dependent, since the only nanoparticles that present a direct interaction with the bacteria preferentially have a diameter of ~1-10nm.”Morones, Elechiquerra, Camacho, Holt, et al26 August 2005 Nanotechnology 16 (2005) 2346-2353 Institute of Physics Publishing

Precious Waters is not manufactured from silver salts such as many older and common colloidal or “ionic” silvers that have and continue to be sold.   Precious Waters Nano Silver is comprised of true engineered nano-particles of pure silver, manufactured in a proprietary electro-chemical reaction .   The fact that the silver solution is created from metallic silver and not salts, which introduce impurities or other mechanisms that interfere with its function, is critical in comparing to other advertised silver products.

Additionally important is that the unique manufacturing process creates individual silver particles of exceedingly uniform size so that all of the 10ppm solution is available to supplement and support the immune system.   Tests show that the mean and average particle size of the Precious Waters nano-silver is between 6-8nm.   This means the silver is truly in solution, maximizing both bioavailability and bioactivity.  Also the particles will not precipitate out.

Why Use Precious Waters’  Silver Solution

Customers who have recovered from devastating afflictions, especially where traditional medical treatments have failed, will enthusiastically tell you BECAUSE IT WORKS!   Others who have used it on a long term basis as a general prophylactic or preventative dietary supplement therapy might say BECAUSE I FEEL BETTER AND MY IMMUNE SYSTEM RESPONDS QUICKER TO COMMON THREATS SUCH AS COLDS AND FLU.

Consider these Precious Waters Silver Solution benefits:
Scientifically, medically, and personally proven effective “Over the counter” dietary supplement – non-pharmaceutical
Broad spectrum anti-microbial immune support Non-toxic even at high dosages of 50 times the recommended amount
–        Anti-bacterial Safe and cost-effective supplement to traditional therapies
–        Anti-viral Optimum embodiment of Silver’s historical benefits
–        Kills & inhibits yeast growth Effective on external (topical) as well as internal afflictions
–        Anti-inflammatory Long shelf life makes it a useful component of emergency preparations

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