Precious Waters Totally Safe, Effective Pure Anti-Microbial Nano-Silver

Harry Watson used Precious Waters Nano Silver as Alternative to Chemotherapy. His way to fight cancer naturally

Precious Waters Nano Silver cured cancer for Harry as alternative to chemotherapy

Precious Waters Nano Silver as Alternative to Chemotherapy

Totally Safe, Effective Pure Anti-microbial Nano-silver

Internal Immune Support Product


Scientifically Engineered 10ppm Nano-Silver Hydrosol that is:

Scientifically, medically, and personally proven effective
Broad spectrum anti-microbial immune support
–        Anti-bacterial

–        Anti-viral

–        Kills & inhibits yeast & fungus growth

–        Anti-inflammatory

“Over the counter” dietary supplement – non-pharmaceutical
Non-toxic even at high dosages of 50+ times the recommended amount
Tested for Safety, it is a cost-effective supplement to traditional therapies
Optimum embodiment of Silver’s historical benefits
Effective on external (topical) as well as internal afflictions
Long shelf life making it a useful component of emergency preparations
PRECIOUS WATERS™ NanoSil-10® Solution is suitable for supplementing both immediate and long-term needs and whose uses Include:

·        Effective and natural supplement for immune system support in fighting common illnesses and diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi

·        Dietary supplement to aid in fighting digestive system issues such as diverticulitis

·        Supplement to traditional and homeopathic treatments for chronic illnesses such as cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, Malaria, etc.

·        Support for combating opportunistic type disease organisms such as those causing MRSA, West Nile Virus, SARS, Candida infections, etc.

·        Internal supplement to the body’s natural response to external threats including cuts, burns, radiation, punctures, etc.

·        Pre and Post-Op Surgery/Hospital/Clinic visits to defend against potential infectious disease agents

·        Emergency kits for on-site supplemental treatment of accidents or disinfection needs


Customers who use our nano-silver solution have recovered from devastating afflictions, often when medical treatments have failed…and they enthusiastically tell us IT WORKS!  Those who have used it on a long term basis as a general prophylactic and dietary supplement therapy report FEELING BETTER WITH AN IMMUNE SYSTEM THAT RESPONDS QUICKER TO COMMON THREATS SUCH AS COLDS AND FLU.





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