Customers Are Alive To Give Testimonials. Cancer Did Not Win

Precious Waters Has Dramatic Results For Our Customers. Go from Hopeless to Hopeful.

Fight Cancer Naturally

Fight Cancer Naturally


Check out the Precious Waters effect on these customers lives!
Richard H.Prostate cancer that metastasized as bone cancer caused compression fractures of the spine and his oncologist sent him home to die so weak he could barely speak. Within 1 month of starting on silver / baking soda he was greatly improved and within 2 months was back to feeling normal. In 4 months he was back to work in construction.
Gerry N.Prostate cancer for which he refused surgery trying to treat with herbs and other homeopathic solutions alone. His cancer continued to progress but upon starting a silver solution was symptom free within 4 months.
Randy Z. Brain tumor behind the right eye that had penetrated the surface as an open and seemingly incurable lesion. After 6 months of hospital care was given the only option of surgery with a 50/50 survival chance and loss of the eye. Within 6 weeks of taking nano-silver the tumor had regressed to no longer being an open lesion and he was able to open his eye
Conrado S.Chemo and radiation would not hold his pancreatic cancer in check. Upon trying nanosilver after 4 months his doctors were unable to explain disappearance of his tumors or symptoms.
Windy G.Near death from MRSA contracted from a hospital visit and nonresponsive to antibiotics, was symptom free after 6 weeks of nano-silver.
Robert A. – Near death during treatments of chemo/radiation for his pancreatic cancer he tried the silver / baking soda regimen. At the time he was so weak he could not speak. Within 3 months symptoms were mitigated to the point he was functioning at 60% and within 6 months was completely symptom free.
Teresa B.Severe case of Candida which was persistent and would not respond to typical treatments in any lasting way. With topical application of the nano-silver solution immediate relief was received, and after 3 weeks of taking the silver internally all symptoms disappeared.
Bob S.21 year old daughter with severe case of acne from her early teens. An external application of nano-silver removed most blemishes and when taken internally new acne ceased to appear.

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