Precious Waters Spray Gel helps skin blemishes and reduces scars

Precious Waters Spray Gel Takes Care of Your Skin

Mr. Harry Watson


Re:  Precious Waters Gel Spray

Dear Mr. Watson:


In November of 2014 I ordered Precious Waters Gel Spray for the first time.

I had several unsightly places on my face and arms and one on my back.

I used the gel lightly and after about 4 weeks I began to really see an improvement,

as the places were much lighter and my skin/complexion looked more smooth and

within 6 weeks all were totally gone.

My husband was greatly impressed and he began using Precious Waters Gel Spray

on several unsightly places as well with very good results and he kept using it and

soon the places were gone.

Recently I had a double mastectomy with some very, very ugly incisions and I think the

Precious Waters Gel helped a great deal with them.  As yet, I’m still using your

fine product daily but the ugliest of scars from the bi-lateral mastectomy are still ugly.

However, I’m a persistent and downright stubborn 80 year old and determined to

apply Precious Waters Gel til the cows come home as I feel reasonably sure over

time your product WILL help as it did on other skin blemishes.  My husband got

a pacemaker and he found that by massaging Precious Waters Gel on and around

the area of skin where the pacemaker is (on one shoulder) it improved his skin and

 must have for your medicine kit for burns, bites and scratches.

must have for your medicine kit for burns, bites and scratches.

softened it nicely too.

I would like to mention that I first heard of Precious Waters Gel Spray and your other

products via my long time trusted close friend, Mrs. Ruth xxxx who recommended

it to me when I could not find any other product that worked (and believe me I tried

a bunch of different products!) ~ she made it possible for both my husband and me

to find your very fine product.

Thank you very much.  I have recommended your product to others and I hope they

have ordered from you.


Shirley xxxxxxx

xxxxx, Alabama



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